Moore's Law Inventor Gordon Moore Dead at 94

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, died on March 24th at the age of 94, according to Intel and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. According to the foundation, he died peacefully on Friday, March 24, 2023, at his home in Hawaii, surrounded by family. In July 1968, Moore and his long-time colleague Robert Noyce founded Intel. Moore was executive vice president until 1975, when he was named president. Moore was appointed chairman of the board and CEO in 1979, positions he held until 1987, when he relinquished the CEO position but remained chairman. Moore was appointed chairman emeritus in 1997 and retired in 2006.

Moore also devoted his time and energy to philanthropy, specifically environmental conservation, science, and patient care improvements. He and his 72-year-old wife founded the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, which has donated more than $5.1 billion to charitable causes since its inception in 2000.