Intel's 14th Gen Core is Meteor Lake-based

Leaked documents did not provide a complete description of what Intel will call its consumer CPU models. However, the newly disclosed information may shed light on the future of the Core series.

Future: 14th Generation Intel Core series is MTL/Meteor Lake in the latest hardware support chart for OpenVPL (Video Processing Library). This codename is exclusively associated with the 13th Generation Core family, and not the impending Raptor Lake refresh for which no details have been provided. This effectively disassociates the 14th Gen series from Raptor Lake Refresh, barring a minor marketing effort down the line.

Intel is expected to use a product naming scheme similar to that of its mobile series for its forthcoming consumer desktop Core series. Anyone anticipating the Raptor Lake Refresh can now look forward to a Core i9-13950K SKU or something very comparable.

No clear intentions for mobile series were included in the leaked roadmap, which only addressed Raptor Lake-S Refresh for PCs. Importantly, Intel will not be replacing the current 700-series platform, therefore the company will have two generations plus one refresh (three waves of SKU launches) for the current LGA1700 platform.

Intel's Raptor Lake Refresh, if all goes according to plan, will debut in the third quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, you shouldn't expect to see a PC version of Meteor Lake anytime soon.

Sources: Momomo