A "Celestial" Xe3 iGPU will be built into an Intel "Panther Lake" processor.

"Panther Lake" is the codename for Intel's 17th Generation Core processors, which will be available in 2026-27. It is the successor to the 16th Generation "Lunar Lake" (2025-26), 15th Generation "Arrow Lake" (2024-25), and 14th Generation "Meteor Lake" (2023-24) architectures. While little is known about "Panther Lake," the first piece of information discovered on the LinkedIn profile page of one Intel Graphics engineer suggests that the processor's graphics tile will feature an iGPU based on the Xe3 "Celestial" graphics architecture, which is two generations ahead of the current Xe "Alchemist" and one generation ahead of the Xe2 "Battlemage."

In their applications, Intel's graphics architectures will remain highly scalable and modular, with variants ranging from low-power iGPUs to large client discrete GPUs and very-large HPC-AI processors. The iGPU powering "Panther Lake" will be Xe3-LPG, a highly pared-down version of the architecture for lower Xe Core counts, with just the right hardware to operate in power-constrained devices like mobile processors. According to an older company slide detailing the scalability of "Celestial," Intel will stick with the disaggregated chiplet design for its processor architectures all the way down to "Panther Lake," as an older company slide detailing the scalability of "Meteor Lake" highlighted a "next platform" processor succeeding "Meteor Lake" and its immediate successor ("Arrow Lake").